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24Mags - Features overview

24Mags digital publishing software is a great asset for creating engaging online publications to powerfully build your brand and give your customers an enhanced online reading experience.

  • Cloud-based platform - no software required

    24Mags operates in cloud-native platform - all your publications are hosted at 24Mags-server. Just upload your PDF and within minutes your flip page e-publication is ready.

  • Publish for mobile

    Integrated support of the new HTML5-standard means that your publications are easily readable on almost any modern device, ranging from iPhones, Windows Phones and Androids to iPads and Tablets.

  • Sharing is easy

    Our viewers include share -buttons powered by ShareThis -service. That makes it easy to share your digital publications to social networks including Facebook and Twitter, or by e-mail.

  • Modern, fully customizable design

    Digital publications created by 24Mags offer a professional and a well-crafted look. You can shape and design your publications with several preset skins, as well as various customization tools.

  • Localization support

    24Mags supports two languages (English and Finnish), in both the user interface and publications. Additional translation will be added soon.

  • Zooming publications

    24Mags offers high-quality magnification features, which allow your readers to zoom in closely your publication content - including very small text and details.

  • Text searching

    Our content management system indexes your publication text content and allows readers to search relevant key words or phrases inside your publications

  • Facebook integration

    You can integrate your publications easily with Facebook. By pressing just one button you can choose Facebook page that you want to embed your publication into.

  • Google analytics support

    Turn your publication into an effective marketing tool. Link it directly to your Google Analytics account to examine the detailed statistics about the popularity and the attendance.

  • SEO Friendly

    You can make your digital publication SEO friendly by customizing the page title, description and keywords. You can then add the html pages to your sitemap to ensure search engine visibility.


Several companies have chosen 24Mags-service to offer their customers an enhanced reading experience in the web. Browse their publications and join them already today.





Renault brochures

Tax administration

BMW Julkaisut

Ministry of education and culture

Supernatural brandbook

K-Supermarket tarjouslehdet

Sokos -kuvastot


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Fully customizable design
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* You can provide Google Analytics tracking code for publications.

We will set for you a dedicated customer expert, who can help you setting up your account, if you should need help. You will also get information about latest features and guidance along the way.

Try 24Mags free for 14 days!

You can try before you buy and see how easy the 24Mags is to use! You will get a free account and can publish three publication for 14 days. At the end of your trial period you decide which plan you want to continue with.

  • We will assign a dedicated customer expert for your free trial.
  • You will get help with setting up your account, information about the latest features and guidance along the way if you should need it.
    Please send us an e-mail to support@24mags.com or call us + 358 20 734 0570 (9 -16 on weekdays) and we will create a free account for you!


24Mags is a Finnish developer of digital publishing and marketing software. Our ambition is to help companies of all sizes to easily and cost effectively turn their press ready PDFs into interactive digital solutions. As well as to provide them with high quality, self-service tools to create digital editions to be published directly in web.

We try to meet needs and requirements of every client. We constantly seek feedback and it is fair to say that our product wouldn´t be nearly as good without listening to our customers requests and recommendations.

Our staff includes highly talented people from various fields to provide you with products and services of the highest quality, continually improving techniques and innovative technologies. But always at the price that provides superior value for our clients money.

We provide our clients with full and free aftersale service and support. Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions and solve any problem you have. Feel free to contact us to get help of our support team.

How can we help you?

Want to learn more about the solution, see a live demo or maybe just to tell us how we can make 24Mags even better?

What ever you have in mind, please drop us a note to support@24mags.com or call us + 358 20 734 0570. Our customer service is open 9 - 16 on weekdays.

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